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01About us

coin-harvest.com is a bitcoin mining and investment company based in London, United Kingdom, that purchased Bitcoin Mining rights and is in a contract with blockchain.com to mine Bitcoins with designated nodes and servers.

coin-harvest.com is a very large community and platform for investors around the globe to invest in the world's greatest and foremost cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), and earn Returns On Investments (ROI) after a stipulated period of time (Investment Maturity Period).

Here at coin-harvest.com, we have 3 unique investment plans meticulously set-out to suit and accommodate every investor regardless of their financial status and class. We give everyone the opportunity to earn and set targets to be achieved.
The 1st plan allows an investor to invest a Minimum of $10 and a Maximum of $100 worth of Bitcoin. Investments in Plan 1 yield %20 of the investment as the ROI after a 24-hour investment maturity period.
The 2nd plan offers investors the chance of investing a Minimum of $101 and a Maximum of $1000 worth of Bitcoin and they stand to earn %40 of their investment amount as the Return On Investment (ROI) after a 48-hour investment maturity period.

The 3rd plan offers investors the opportunity of investing a Minimum of $1001 and a Maximum of which ever amount upwards the investor wishes to invest. This plan has an investment maturity period of 5 days after which the investor earns %100 of his/her investment as the Return On Investment (ROI).
Lastly, our system is automated, hence, withdrawal is instantly processed by the system and earnings are sent to investors' wallets upon receipt of a withdrawal request.

We know how to do it!